While streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu provide endless hours of programing and available movies, there certainly is no substitute for local programming. With additional services and devices, it is now possible to eliminate your monthly cable bill while still keeping your local networks. We will examine below the benefits to local channels and the devices used to bring local stations to your television without cable.

The Benefits of Local Channels

When people are weighing the pros and cons to cutting the cord to cable, often the biggest concern is that they will no longer be able to receive their local television channels. People want to be able to watch the local news to stay connected to what is happening in the community in which they live. Or, local sports programming may only be offered only on local stations. Any way you cut it, there are major benefits to being able to keep local stations. With some added devices, it is possible to still enjoy local programming.

Streaming Services

If you find yourself only watching one or two channels, it can be hard to justify keeping cable with a high monthly cable bill. Often, many local stations provide streaming services to their particular stations. This is a popular option for people who find themselves only watching one or two stations.


For a minimal monthly fee, limited subscriptions are available for the channels you love. Or, if you want an expanded channel lineup, monthly streaming services are available from Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon.

Digital Antenna

One of the best alternatives to cable while still allowing you to keep your local channels is a digital antenna. A digital antenna will allow you to watch your favorite network shows and still keep your local channels without paying a monthly cable bill. A digital antenna is able to capture the over-the-air broadcasting waves of your favorite networks and direct them to your television.


Often, people report the picture quality is even better than that with cable. With a digital antenna, you will be able to watch the local news or your local sports teams. Antennas are typically installed on the roof of your home, but occasionally can work in the attic.


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