Are you thinking about cutting the cord, but you’re just not sure if you can because you don’t want to miss sports? Well rejoice, it’s not as hard as you think. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to get you the sports you want without the large cable or satellite bill.




Believe it or not, many sporting events, including all your local NFL team games (Vikings for those of us in MN) and the Super Bowl, are available with an antenna.  That means aside from the initial antenna investment, these events are free to watch.  Additionally, a well installed antenna will provide a better picture than Cable or Satellite. In fact, home theater installers recommend antennas to their clients because the picture is better on their expensive systems. Sporting events that you can watch with an antenna include: all your local NFL teams games, all NBA finals games, NHL finals games, the Super Bowl, all NFL playoff games, NCAA tournament games, lots of College football, all World Series games, premier league soccer games, and many regular season games in all sports. Eyeballs hurt yet? That’s a lot of sports!  Antennas are not the end-all be all like it used to be, a lot of events have been moved off broadcast but, as a starting point for watching sports without cable, nothing beats free.


Struggling to get good reception on your antenna? Contact Cable Alternatives, we will guarantee better reception than even Cable or Satellite or your money back,




ESPN viewers are in luck!  Recently, a streaming service called Sling TV has debuted, which includes ESPN, ESPN2, TNT and TBS, all for $20 per month. For Baseball, Football and Basketball fans, this is fantastic news.  Not only is it low priced, but it’s so easy to use. There’s no installation, no contracts or special equipment to buy other than your existing streaming device. Think if Netflix added ESPN to their lineup, and you’ve got a good idea how Sling TV works. They even offer a 30-day free trial which may be all you need to get you through. For example say you’re not a big ESPN watcher, but your team is playing on ESPN once or twice. Just sign up for the trial, and cancel once the game has been played.  There is no charge as long as you cancel within 30 days. Are you a college football fan?  Just sign up for September through January and only pay for the months you need and want. NCAA tournament junky? Use the 30 day free trial which should take you through all 3 weeks. Do the same thing with baseball playoffs and only pay for the sports you want to watch. It’s nice because it’s cheap and you can easily cancel it once you are done watching sports for the season.


Streaming Services


The NHL, NBA and MLB each offer their own streaming services which allow you to watch almost every game live except your home town team’s games. So if you’re a fan of the Red Sox Yankees, Blackhawks or Heat, (or any other out of town team) you can watch nearly every game they play for between $120-$200 per season, per league.  This comes out to roughly $10-$18 per month, per league. If you changed cities and want to follow your old team, or just have an out of town team that you follow pretty closely, you’re in really good shape to cut the cord and still enjoy the sports you want to watch.


If you have any questions on how to stream Sling TV or how to stream pro sports, give Cable Alternatives a shout. We know all about them and can set you up with perfect reception.


Radio Makes Your Spouse Happy.


Radio?!?!? Who listens to sports on the radio? Well a lot of us, which is why lots of sports are on the radio, so join the cool crowd and tune in. It’s free, and it makes your spouse happy because you can listen to the radio and do household chores at the same time. This might make your spouse get a beer for you when you flop down on the couch. See how this works? Radio gets you the easy beer and it’s free. You can follow all your local teams’ games, as well as many national games. In the Twin Cities, the Wild are on 100.3 FM, the Twins are on 96.3 FM, the Timberwolves are on 830 AM, the Vikings are on 100.3 FM and the Gophers are on 100.3 FM and 1500 AM depending on the sport. Both 100.3 FM and 1500 AM broadcast many national games and unlike television, every game will be on the radio, and every team’s game will be on the same station.


If you’re looking at streaming radio, there are many options. The professional leagues will generally charge for a streaming subscription, and you’ll need to look at the league’s website/apps for access. College sports tend to vary but are generally free to stream. Learfield sports handles most college play calling duties (including all the gophers games). Check out the tunein app or website for most college sports radio streams.


If you’re a fan of women’s sports, you’re in luck. While TV coverage is spotty for our local women’s teams, radio coverage is pretty solid. 106.1FM for the Lynx, and 1500AM or 88.5 FM for the Gopher women’s basketball, and 105.1FM for Gopher women’s hockey.


If you have more questions about radio listening, or struggle with radio reception, Cable Alternatives can help with that, just give us a shout.


The Live Experience


With sports on Cable you’re stuck in the house watching the games by yourself.  Cut the cord and enjoy sports over the air or via streaming and now you have an excuse to get out more!  For the few games you can’t enjoy at home try an outing to a local bar.  If it’s football, make it a weekly deal and catch all the games at the bar that you can’t watch at home. If it’s another sport, set aside a night that you go maybe once per week or so. Enjoy a beer, some friends, and your favorite team in your local watering hole, what could be better?  Not a fan of the bar scene? Call up your friend who still has cable, head on over, and enjoy some good company while watching the game. Just invite him over when you’re able to get the game at your house. Or just host a rocking Super Bowl party that will make up for eating all your friend’s nachos any day. Of course there’s always the option of getting friends and/or family together and going to the game live.  Many customers who work with Cable Alternatives save over $100 per month. That’s $1200 per year which will get you into a few games, with money left over for beer, more beer, and a cab ride home. Take the money you save and put it into a real experience.


Sports for the Cord-Cutter, Think Outside the Cable Box.


For a few of us, there will be nothing like sitting at home watching 2 dozen sports channels. For those that are sick of giving their money to cable or satellite companies, there are good options. Get to know your local watering hole, become even better friends with your buddy, all while keeping your ESPN. Give Cable Alternatives a call if you have any questions, we’ve helped many a sports fan get what they need for less.  It’s easier then you think, especially when money, or maybe you spouse’s happiness, is on the line.

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