Netflix is a service that provides streaming to your television for a minimal monthly fee through the internet. Netflix, which once started as simply a way to rent and watch movies, has transformed into a streaming Goliath that is quickly taking over the way the world views shows and movies.


With its ever-changing programming lineup, range of services available, and ability to still watch original programing without cable, Netflix has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity. But why?

Spark of Cable Alternatives

As new alternatives to cable appeared in various streaming forms, Netflix quickly took the lead. In fact, media experts have never seen a company change the media landscape in such a way as Netflix has. The company's constant evolution, which began in 2007, has forced other network and Hollywood production companies to keep up. With its relatively low cost and ability to watch television and movies from anywhere at any time, Netflix is quickly outperforming even the most steadfast and successful production companies.

Beating the Network Competitors

Netflix was once known as the place to simply rent DVDs and watch old reruns of popular network television. In 2013 Netflix launched its first original series, House of Cards. Not only did this show gain a huge following, but it went on to win the first Emmy for an online-only television show. This show propelled Netflix as a frontrunner for original programming and paved the way for countless other original series.


Today, Netflix offers over 700 original television shows and movies. Traditional networks, such as HBO and FX, have struggled to keep pace with the success of Netflix. Couple this with the fact that Netflix is a simple monthly service streamed through the internet, it is easy to see why Netflix is beating its competitors.

Outperforming the Box Office Competitors

Netflix has not only found success with online programing; it has produced several original movies that have gone on to win many prestigious awards. In 2018 alone, nearly $10 billion was dedicated to original programing with the release of 80 new and original features. Roma, a Netflix original, has won three major Oscars, as well as 10 other nominations. Many headlining actors and actresses, such as Sandra Bullock, Natalie Portman, and Mark Wahlberg, have been featured in Netflix's original programing.


Netflix's dedication to providing a healthy budget and hiring top actors and actresses has proved that Netflix is a real contender to compete with Hollywood's best production companies.


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