The world of home entertainment has changed, outfitting mothers, fathers, children, and friends alike with customizable viewing options, instant Internet access, and much more. Smart TVs have taken the industry by storm—and purchasing a smart device does the name justice.

TV Streaming in 2019

A lot of people understand smart TVs to be cutting-edge pieces of tech, but they might not know just how much they’re truly capable of doing.


Smart TVs boast a number of hidden benefits, and prospective smart device shoppers tend to make a purchase after hearing them. We’ll cover the top five life-changing features smart televisions have. Once you’ve learned the ropes, you’ll be a smart TV browsing guru.

1.      Feature One: Live Feed Access

Much in the way people watch YouTube frequently, modern homeowners are turning to live feed streams for consistent entertainment. Your smart device has instant access to many Internet live feeds, giving you full access as soon as you pick up the remote.

2.      Feature Two: Apps

That’s right! Your streaming machine can access and use apps similar to the way a smartphone does. This means you can access HBO Now, Spotify, and Netflix immediately. Depending on the type of smart TV you have, you can even use your smart TV to play Minecraft and other app-based games.

3.      Feature Three: Stream Like Never Before

While your smart TV can steam programs, it’s important to establish what’s different about its approach from age-old streaming services. You have steaming options, so you can bundle together favorite streams like favorite network groupings.

Plus, you can pick up a Roku Streaming Stick, Amazon Fire TV Stick, or even a USB port to steam shows directly from your mobile device.

4.      Feature Four: Full Internet Browsing

A lot of homeowners assume smart TVs have rudimentary Internet browsing potential. This isn’t the case, as steaming services utilize their fast data download speeds to give users something extra: full-force, speedy Internet. Whether you’d like to check out the Earthlapse app or check Facebook every so often, rest assured you’ll never be too far from the online world.

5.      Feature Five: Fitbit Connectivity

Even if you’re not into the exercise scene, a smart TV will make exercise much more enjoyable. Not only can you find fitness streams, which offer daily calorie intake schedules, but you can link your smart television with your Fitbit. In the past, smart television owners simply didn’t have this option available. Now, leisure and exercise are meeting a healthy status quo.


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