With the stunning success of shows like Game of Thrones on HBO, access to premium channels has become a focus of many people. Often packaged with expensive cable options, premium channels could end up costing a fortune. With new services from premium channels like Starz, HBO, and Showtime, it’s now possible to subscribe to your favorite channels with only an internet connection and a Smart TV or computer. Below, let's take a look at some streaming options available from the biggest networks.


●        Starz

Starz now offers the ability to stream all your favorite Starz originals, like Outlander, to your home without a cable subscription. Initial promotional offers begin at just $5 a month for the first three months. Following the conclusion of the trial, the price to subscribe to Starz increases to $8.99 per month.


To access Starz, simply use the Starz app, which is available on any Smart TV, smartphone, or tablet. The app is supported on several platforms including Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. You will have access to the entire Starz line up and be able to stream on four different devices.


●        HBO

The HBO Now app, developed in 2015, allows viewers to subscribe to HBO without a cable subscription. The streaming service is $14.99 per month and will give you unlimited access to your favorite shows. Viewers will be able to watch shows the moment they air, so there is no waiting period for the shows to become available. The HBO Now app works with several streaming devices including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku. Because the streaming service is a monthly fee, you are not locked into a contract and can cancel the service at any time.


●        Showtime

Following in the footsteps of HBO, Showtime offers a streaming service for customers without a cable subscription. Showtime charges $10.99 per month, undercutting HBO. In addition, Showtime can be added to many streaming services as an add-on package. Both Hulu and Amazon Prime have offered a Showtime add-on option to an existing streaming service for a reduced rate.


Showtime's app is similar to other streaming services and can be downloaded on several platforms including Apple TV, Hulu, and Amazon Fire TV.


Premium television channels are expensive, especially when packaged with a costly cable bill. The top channels, like HBO, Starz, and Showtime now make it possible to stream live television without a cable subscription. The experts at Cable Alternatives can help you select the best options for your needs and help with any necessary equipment and set up.


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