Every year it seems that cable costs continue to increase, but the channel lineup is becoming more restricted. Cable costs are growing out of control, while people tend to use fewer channels than ever before. Luckily, between antenna installations and new streaming services, there are plenty of options to cut the cord to cable for good. But what are the real benefits to cutting out cable?

Save Money

This one is easy: cutting the cord to cable will save you money every month. There are several cable alternatives, but the two most popular options are to install an antenna or use a streaming service. 

  • An antenna provides unlimited, high definition television straight to your home with no monthly costs. This means that you are able to receive your favorite local stations as well as network stations within range. Most antennas are able to receive about 50 television stations. 

  • Alternatively, streaming services that stream television shows to your home via internet connection are low cost and offer countless shows and movies. Compared to the cost of a monthly cable bill, streaming services provide the same entertainment for pennies on the dollar.

No Obligation

Most cable companies require the subscriber to sign up for a long contract lasting for one or even two years. If for some reason you should opt out of cable, you can receive costly fines and termination fees. With an antenna, you are not obligated to a contract and are free to quit the service at any time. Likewise, streaming services are often monthly payments. While some companies, such as Amazon Prime, may offer a discounted rate if you sign on for a year, people are free to pay month to month, which allows them to stop the service at any time.

Catered Channels

Traditional cable line-ups do not allow people to choose exactly what channels they would like. Instead, people are bundled into packages in order to receive one wanted channel and end up with 20 channels that are never viewed. With streaming services, people are free to select the exact services they would like to purchase. If you are a sports fan, feel free to opt into a sports only package. If you prefer movies, there are streaming services that provide movie access. If you like premium television networks for a favorite show, it is entirely possible to subscribe to only one premium channel, for the amount of time you would like. Streaming services put the power back into the hands of the customer, giving a customized channel line-up.


At Cable Alternatives, we want to help you make the right decisions when you dump cable for good. We are here to help guide you to a product or service that meets your needs. We can install antennas, help install streaming equipment, and answer any questions you may have along the way. 


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