The changing seasons and the crisp fall air can only mean one thing: the start of the NFL season. Being able to watch the big games with family and friends has become synonymous with autumn. Unfortunately, many people associate watching their favorite football teams with an expensive cable subscription. Thankfully, it is possible to cut the cord to cable and watch your favorite NFL games completely free. By adding a digital antenna, you will be able to watch NFL games on the major network stations free of charge.

What Channels Will You Get?

The availability of certain channels will depend entirely on your location, your proximity to broadcast towers, and the strength of your antenna. Viewers can use either an indoor or outdoor antenna to watch NFL games completely free of cable. Luckily, most national channels, like CBS, NBC, and Fox, are quite easy to tune in to. In addition, these channels are often broadcast in HD, giving you the best possible reception for the big games. Nationally broadcast games are usually transmitted across the airwaves, which means you can get free NFL coverage directly to your home.

National vs. Regional Broadcasts

While some big games are broadcast nationally on NBC or CBS, other games may only be broadcast regionally. National games are typically simple to identify and are easy to tune in to, pending you have a strong signal to that particular channel. Finding out which games will be a regional broadcast can be a bit challenging. There are many online OTA (over the air) football schedules available to help determine which games will be featured regionally. These schedules can help identify which network to tune in to in order to catch the big game.

What if the Game is Blacked Out?

Just as the channels you receive will be dependent on your city and proximity to the broadcast antenna, the availability of certain football games may be limited in certain cities, as well. Sometimes, network access to NFL games, even with a digital antenna, will be unavailable. In this case, you will still be able to watch your favorite teams, but may need to subscribe to various streaming services. Luckily, streaming services are inexpensive for networks such as CBS, Fox, NFL Network, NFL RedZone, and Amazon (for Thursday Night Football).


At Cable Alternatives, we don't want you to give up the things you love just to cut a cable bill. You can watch NFL games completely free with the addition of a digital antenna. Not only will you be able to watch the big games, but can also tune into your favorite network television stations, and then some.


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