We love to hear from our customers especially success stories like this one.  Here is a guest blog post done by one of our customers who's entire family took the leap and cut the cord.


A few weeks after graduating from college, I came home to find my mom contemplating our cable bill. She spends a decent amount of time watching TV, but she’s never been able to quite justify our $200+ a month cable bundle to herself, especially when she’s really only ever watched 20 or so channels of the hundreds that our cable plan offered. The review of the cable bill is a time- honed tradition in our family, and I wasn’t particularly surprised to see mom bemoaning the expenses of life in the cable age yet again. What did surprise me is that this time, she had a plan.


Earlier that week, she had seen the Star Tribune’s feature on Cable Alternatives and its founder John Brillhart. She loved the story of Cable Alternatives; how John began showing his friends and family how to switch from pricy cable services to cheap streaming and antenna options, and came to realize that tons of other people would benefit from having a guide to navigate the landscape of cord cutting. So she picked up the phone and gave him a call—a week or so later, we were sitting down with John at our dining room table to discuss our cord cutting options.


John guided us through the ways that we could cut our cable TV service and still keep up with all of the content we like—here’s what we came up with: for me, a Netflix subscription so I can watch my favorite dramas like Mad Men and House of Cards, and for Cole, a Roku 3 Box with a subscription to a service called Sling, which lets him watch ESPN live to keep up with his favorite sports teams. For my mom, John recommended a new antenna for the top of our house running into a TiVO box, making it easy for my mom to record all the broadcast TV shows she watches in HD. She never misses an episode, and the antenna works great even in the middle of thunderstorms. This makes it easy for her to keep up with the reality shows, comedies like Modern Family, and cooking shows that she’s always loved.


Most important to me was how easy John made the whole process of cutting the cord for my mom. I’ve been a cord cutter for years, and I have often told my mom that if we switched away from cable we could save a lot of money, but John had a way of helping her to feel more comfortable with the idea. He explained how easy it would be to switch over, and when we agreed to jump ship, he and his staff took care of everything so that we barely had to do any work at all. I never would have thought that the whole process could been so streamlined!


We switched over from cable around two weeks ago, and we’re incredibly happy with our choice to get rid of our cable package. We all still watch the shows we want, but we pay a fraction of the price for them. Right now, we only pay for our Sling and Netflix subscriptions, along with our normal internet and phone bill. Cutting our cable TV is saving us around $100 a month, or $1200 a year, money that we plan to use to travel more. All in all, the consultation and antenna installation that Cable Alternatives provided are saving us a ton of money, and we couldn’t be happier with our choice to cut the cord!


I definitely recommend that anyone who is interested give Cable Alternatives a call— the initial consultation is really affordable and goes towards the cost of an antenna install if you end up deciding to cut the cord. Join me, my family, and other cord cutters all over the world; we don’t have anything to lose but our bills!