As football is in the middle of the season, plenty of hockey fans start to look forward to a new season of NHL hockey. One of the biggest reasons people are hesitant to cut the cord to cable is because they fear they will no longer be able to watch live sports. Hockey fans rejoice! It is entirely possible to watch NHL games without cable. Follow your favorite NHL teams from anywhere in the country with these streaming and cable alternative options.

●      Hulu

Typically, hockey games are available on select networks including NBC Sports Network, NHL Network, CNBC, USA, and regional channels for Fox and NBC. Hulu with Live TV Streaming is a great way to watch all of these channels, except for the NHL Network. These channels are available in Hulu's package of 50 channels, which allows the viewer other options, as well. Sports are streamed live to your smart device (including television, computer, or mobile device), and are available for just $40 per month without an ongoing contract.

●      Sling

Sling TV is a great alternative to watch live hockey without having an ongoing cable subscription. For $25 per month, the Sling Blue package gives subscribers access to USA, NBC Sports Network, and CNBC. In addition, many people will have access to regional sports networks depending on their region. Subscribers have the option to add on the sports package to the Blue package for an additional $10 per month, giving subscribers access to the NHL Network too.

●      NHL Online

NHL TV is the official streaming option for people wanting to watch hockey without cable. This is the best option for people who want to follow a team that is not in the local area. This all-encompassing streaming service provides hockey games from pre-season to the Stanley Cup Finals. It’s important to note that NHL TV only provides access to hockey games and does not provide additional sport options, like the other two streaming options offer. Further, NHL TV will only air out-of-market NHL games and will not air games that are in the market or the local teams.


For $140 a year, subscribers can choose to follow all out of market teams. Or, for $110 a year, subscribers can choose to follow just one out of market team.


We understand that being able to follow your favorite hockey team is important throughout the entire season. The team at Cable Alternatives is ready to help you select the right cable alternative option to be able to watch NHL hockey. Our team is well versed in digital antennas and streaming services. To learn more about how we can help you cut the cord to cable, contact us today or book a consultation. We look forward to helping you find the right service to fit your needs.