It seems every day there is a new streaming option available for people who want to cut the cord to cable for good. Each new service comes with its own price point and benefits, so it can be hard to sift through the options to find the right service for you. YouTube, the revolutionary online video service, has recently rolled out its own version of streaming content called YouTube TV. Below, let's take a quick overview look at the pros and cons of subscribing to YouTube TV.

About YouTube TV

Created by YouTube, YouTube TV provides movies, live television, and exclusive network programming for subscribers. YouTube TV can be used on any number of devices including your smart TV, smart phone, computer, or streaming device. Recently, YouTube TV has signed an agreement with Verizon Fios to sell the subscription to people already with an existing Verizon Wireless account for a discount.

●      Pros

YouTube TV offers the best of all worlds, allowing live television streaming, access to movies and original programing, as well as access to local channels. Subscribers also have the option to add on premium networks, such as HBO and Showtime, for an additional monthly fee. Most subscribers will have access to Fox, ABC, NBC, and CBS for local programing. Additionally, subscribers will be able to access live networks such as HGTV, Discovery, Cartoon Network, Animal Planet, and TLC to name just a few. Sport fans will be delighted with access to the ESPN networks, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, and the Tennis Channel.


YouTube TV can be put on up to six devices throughout the home, and has the ability to record and store an unlimited amount of content.

●      Cons

One of the biggest downsides of YouTube TV is the limited amount of streaming devices this service is available on. When the streaming service first rolled out, YouTube TV was only available on Apple TV and Roku devices. Following backlash and an ongoing feud between Google and Amazon, YouTube was finally offered on Amazon's Fire TV. Secondly, critics have pointed out that there are only a limited number of channels available on YouTube TV, and there were not enough content options to please all subscribers. The channels subscribers are able to get purely depends on their region, but most subscribers can get up to 70 channels, including some local television networks.


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