Between phone bills and monthly rent payments, taking on cable bills can be stressful. Lower your monthly payments by cutting the cord and switching to an affordable cable alternative. There is a number of budget-friendly cable alternatives that allow you to save money while still having access to entertainment.


Antenna | Antennas give you access to free channels. With an antenna, you can still watch major moments in entertainment, such as local games and news channels. Digital antennas are generally inexpensive and once you purchase the antenna, there are no monthly payments. Additionally, if your home is in a bigger city, your antenna will be able to access a high number of channels.


Hulu or Netflix | Perhaps two of the most popular streaming service options, Hulu and Netflix provides users with hundreds of movies and shows to enjoy. While there are monthly payments for the subscriptions, they remain extremely less expensive than monthly cable payments.


Amazon Prime | Did you know if you’re paying for Amazon Prime for online shopping, then you already have access to Amazon Prime Video? Amazon Prime Video gives Amazon Prime subscribers access to countless movies and shows. Not only can you have free two-day shipping, but you can also watch popular shows and satisfy your need for an entertainment source.


Sling TV | If you’re intrigued by the idea of having access to a large number of channels, consider a subscription to Sling TV. Sling TV provides three packages to choose from that give subscribers access to popular television channels. Sling TV allows you to still watch your favorite channels while cutting down on your monthly expenses.


YouTube | Many popular TV shows put on key moments and clips on YouTube for viewers to enjoy. YouTube supplies a number of videos, interviews, and unique shows. If you still require greater access to more shows and ad-free content, you can subscribe to YouTube Premium for only $11.99 a month.


Google Play | Not many years ago, going to a video rental store and renting movies and popular TV series was a common way to gain access to entertainment. With Google Play, you can do just that—without leaving the comfort of your home. Google Play provides popular movies and TV shows for users to rent or purchase. Rather than paying a high cable bill every month, you can pick and choose the shows and movies you want to watch for a small rental fee.


Cutting the cord doesn’t mean giving up having access to high-quality movies and TV shows. There has never been more opportunities to find a cable alternative that suits you best. At Cable Alternatives, we are happy to help you find the entertainment source you need. Contact us today to start saving money while keeping your favorite shows.