These days, it seems hard to go anywhere without hearing or reading about entertainment’s most popular television shows and movies. With Netflix originals and HBO specials, finding popular shows and movies isn’t just a cable-only approach anymore. Here are several platforms that allow you to cut the cord and find the most talked-about flicks and series.


Netflix | It’s no secret Netflix is a leader among streaming services and cable alternatives in general. With hundreds of movies and shows to choose from, the service also provides its subscribers with original series and movies that can only be found on the platform. From Stranger Things to The Crown and Birdbox, Netflix’s original creations are leaving its mark in the world of entertainment. Netflix subscriptions are notoriously inexpensive, especially compared to cable subscriptions. If you’re interested in getting Netflix in your home, contact Cable Alternatives. We’ll help you install and access the popular streaming service.


HBO Go | HBO is known for creating high-quality TV shows capable of creating elements of suspense and excitement. With internet access and simple monthly payments, accessing HBO’s best shows has never been easier. HBO Go allows you to view and enjoy all original shows with ease. You can even watch a show all in one week if you prefer, as HBO Go provides all available seasons and episodes at the touch of a button.


Hulu | Hulu provides users with an inexpensive option to access countless popular TV shows and classic movies. Hulu also creates original shows and movies for its subscribers to enjoy. You can also experience Hulu ad-free for a larger monthly payment so you can enjoy shows without any interruption.


Disney Plus | A new player in the game, Disney Plus is yet another streaming service that provides subscribers with all things Disney. From old Disney classics to newer releases, Disney Plus provides a wide variety of popular movies and shows. Similar to the other streaming services, Disney Plus also produces and provides a number of original shows and movies for users to have exclusive access to.


A cable subscription is no longer necessary to enjoy entertainment’s most popular shows. You can also save yourself a trip to the video rental store and movie theaters with easy access to popular movies. Popular streaming services are significantly less expensive than a monthly cable subscription. There are also several package deals available for particular streaming services so you can get more for less. Contact Cable Alternatives to learn more about your streaming options and start watching the best shows and movies today!