Plenty of exciting events are broadcasted throughout the year. One of the most popular events of the year is the Big Game. Whether you’re a football fan or not, watching the Big Game is a fun event everyone can enjoy. If you’ve recently cut the cord, however, you may be wondering how you can still get in on the fun without cable. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can still watch the Big Game without putting up with costly cable bills.


Streaming Services | There are several streaming services that allow you to access the Big Game. Depending on which network the Big Game is broadcasting, you can find the appropriate streaming service to access the game. You can access the appropriate network through your Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, or Amazon Firestick. You can typically sign up for the streaming service’s free trial or simply pay for one month of service. Either option is inexpensive compared to a monthly cable subscription.


Online Streaming | If you have a laptop, there are options to stream the Big Game for fee. Oftentimes various network websites will stream the Big Game for visitors to enjoy. Using an HDMI cord or mirroring ability, you can easily get the stream onto your television screen.


Antenna | The Big Game typically broadcasts on an easily accessible network, so gaining access to the game is simple with an antenna. Simply connect an antenna to your television and locate the network that is broadcasting the game to enjoy it. Prior to the game, however, you should take time to find the right antenna for your TV and your needs. The professionals at Cable Alternatives can help you find and install the antenna system you need to watch the Big Game.


Live TV Via Streaming Services | Another benefit to having access to certain streaming services is access to live TV options. Some services such as Hulu and YouTube have the option to access live TV. These live TV packages can allow you to watch the Big Game right at home.

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When the Big Game rolls around, break out the snacks and call over your friends and get ready to see who wins. Even without cable, there are still plenty of methods for watching the Big Game. For assistance with cutting the cord, contact Cable Alternatives. We look forward to helping you save money every month.