Deciding to take the leap and cut the cord means you’re ready to stop paying hefty monthly cable bills and start saving money while still enjoying entertainment’s best shows and movies. Prior to cutting the cord, however, you may be wondering what you can expect. At Cable Alternatives, we follow a three-step process to help you start saving money and watching your favorite shows. We can help you find a cable alternative that meets your needs while answering any questions you have along the way.


1.      Consultation

The first step to successfully cutting the cord is getting a consultation from our team of experts here at Cable Alternatives. Because a common goal of cord-cutting is finding a more cost-effective method, our professionals will take the time to go through each of your options. We will thoroughly listen to you explain your concerns, needs, and questions. We can assess your watching habits and compare your habits to your current entertainment equipment. From there we will determine which cable alternative options are best for you.


2.      Installation

After we have assessed which cable alternatives are best for your situation, we will take a moment to talk with you about which one you’re most interested in. Once you’ve made your decision, we’ll send one of our installers to your home with you to get your new system set up. Our trained installers can also professionally uninstall your current cable or satellite system. Our prompt installation services will get your new system up and running in no time so you can start enjoying your favorite movies and shows as soon as possible.


3.      Support

In case any issues arise anytime after your installation, Cable Alternatives is here to help. If you’re streaming service doesn’t seem to work for some reason or your antenna is failing you, simply contact Cable Alternatives and one of our trained professionals will be over to assess and repair the issue. We want to ensure every one of our customers has the proper support they need to continue enjoying their favorite shows and movies. We strive to provide a comfortable and reliable method of saving money on monthly cable bills.


We work hard to provide our customers with financially friendly cable alternative options. From consultation to installation and continuous support, our three-step cord-cutting process is designed to allow you to enjoy the entertainment you love without breaking the bank. To schedule a service with Cable Alternatives, contact us today at 763-571-1037.