Sure, as a homeowner, do-it-yourself is always an option, but there are some things you wouldn’t dare try your hand at when you could call in a professional. So why not call a professional when considering a digital antenna installation?


For most folks, making the decision to have a professional do work at their home comes down to not just the money, but the overall value of it. You probably find yourself asking: is it worth having someone help me cut the cord? The answer is absolutely! Cable Alternatives was started for just that. Cutting the cord with a digital antenna is a great way to save a lot of money every month and we’re here to help!


Why Call in the Pros from Cable Alternatives?

You might think we’re biased, but it’s really that we know our stuff and we know that installing an antenna isn’t as simple as one might think. Most DIY antenna installs don’t go according to plan.


Here’s why we recommend having us install your high-quality digital antenna:


  • Quality Reception

  • Signal Guarantee

  • Better Equipment

  • One Install for Multiple TVs

  • Out of Sight Antenna


And best of all...


  • You don’t have to lift a finger!


Quality Reception. Antenna installation is what we do, so we pride ourselves on doing it well and providing our customers with crystal clear picture so they can skip the cable bill! You don’t have to worry about dropping your signal or moving your antenna around the room to chase it. You simply turn on your TV and enjoy!


Signal Guarantee. This is something that does not come with a self-install! When you’re great at what you do, a guarantee like this is a no brainer! We use signal meters and our extensive experience to get you the best signal possible. For most installs, we can guarantee your signal in almost every weather condition. And if a reception problem does arise, we’ll come out and fix it!


Better Equipment. The antennas we use are professional grade which gives you added peace of mind that you won’t miss the big game or your favorite prime time show. In addition, our extensive experience allows us to pick the proper antenna for your site. No more reading online reviews of someone in California, which may or may not be relevant here in Minnesota.


One For All. The beauty of a pro install is we can connect all of the TVs in your house to one antenna. If you’re already using a leaf or rabbit ears and have multiple TVs, you’ll enjoy the lack of extra equipment cluttering up your home. What’s not to love about that?


Out of Sight. The antennas we install are either placed outside on your roof or, in many cases, in an attic space. Again, fewer electronics lying around cluttering up your home. Also, roof installs generally demand a professional’s touch, as an improper installation could lead to leaks or a wobbly antenna.


Easy For You! In fact, it’s easy as a phone call or an email to Cable Alternatives. We can help you cut the cord by installing a high-quality digital antenna with a clear signal, even in bad weather! But we can also help you meet other cord-cutting needs, saving you loads of money every month with DVR equipment and streaming services.


So what are you waiting for? Call the pros at Cable Alternatives today at 763-571-1037!