Before there were other options, watching holiday specials and movies on cable was an annual treat. Throughout the holiday season, cable would supply a selection of showings for a variety of holiday movies, episodes, and specials. However, as the temperatures drop and your heating bills rise, taking on the monthly cable bill can become a challenge. Fortunately, by cutting the cable cord and opting for a streaming service, you can save hundreds of dollars while still enjoying all of your favorite Christmas showings.


Cable Alternatives can help you cut the cable cord and start saving money as soon as possible. Not only will we provide you with expert consultation, but we’ll also professionally install your new system. Additionally, if you have any issues or questions following your installation, we’ll always be there to help with our top-notch customer service.

Watching Holiday Specials Without Cable

●        Streaming Services

There are a few streaming services that offer a wide variety of holiday specials for your viewing pleasure. One of the most popular streaming options, Netflix, is affordable and easy to navigate. From classic Christmas movies to Netflix original selections, you can keep the holiday spirit high all season long with the service’s wide range of shows and movies.


In addition to Netflix, you can also subscribe to Prime Video. Prime Video is included with a monthly Amazon Prime subscription, which makes it a noteworthy investment. With Prime Video, you’ll have access to countless Christmas classics capable of putting you into the holiday spirit.


Another affordable streaming service with plenty of holiday shows to choose from is Hulu. Hulu provides a fine mixture of holiday classics and newer Christmas movies. With two packages to choose from, you can find the monthly subscription that meets your personal needs and requirements.


●        Antenna

It’s no secret that Christmas specials broadcast on local channels throughout the season. With the installation of a new digital antenna, you can gain access to these showings for free! Cable Alternatives can assist you with prompt and professional digital antenna installation services so you can enjoy the Christmas specials on all of your local channels. With this option, you won’t have to worry about paying a monthly subscription fee as all of the channels are available for no cost.


The team at Cable Alternatives is ready to help you gain access to all of your favorite holiday movies and specials. With these options, you can also enjoy new movies to maximize your entertainment all season long. For expert consultation and installation services, contact Cable Alternatives today at 763-571-1037.