Many people go back and forth from one worry to the next: from looking at their cable bill, to trying to decide if they’re brave enough to cut the cord. The thing is, getting rid of your monthly cable bill shouldn’t be a scary process. In fact, for our customers, we always find they’re equally if not more happy with their TV entertainment options and saving an average of $100 per month, that’s $1200 per year!


There’s Nothing To Be Afraid Of

Cord-cutting isn’t actually about courage, but has a lot more to do with comfort. For instance are you uncomfortable with the amount you’re spending every month? That’s what we’re here for. See, we know how to provide you with everything you need to enjoy the same programs you do now, and often even increasing the convenience of them, while slashing your costs. That’s not something to fear but to embrace!


Don’t Lose Anything But the Bill

What’s all the hype about cutting the cord? Losing the hefty cable or satellite bill in the process. You can continue to enjoy the same programs you have been, including sports! We’ll help you find the right equipment and setup you need to get your shows. With a combination of a digital antenna, streaming services, a DVR, and a Smart TV, you won’t miss a thing when you ditch your current TV service.


A No Punishment TV Plan

It’s practically a mark of the cable company that once you’re an old customer, they reward you with a higher bill – some kind of loyalty plan! However, the beauty of cutting the cord is that your cost won’t mysteriously rise the longer you’ve been enjoying your entertainment setup. In fact, you’ll just be saving money month after month and pretty soon the setup will pay for itself in savings!


The Breakup

Some customers have a hard time ending things with their existing cable or satellite provider. The customer service representatives are trained in offering you everything you could want in order to get you stay. The good news is, at Cable Alternatives we train you, too! We’ll provide you with what to say to make the breakup easy, so you can move on to a bigger and better bank account thanks to cord cutting. And if you’re still worried, you can hire us to call them for you!


So maybe you started off a little unsure as to whether you could handle cutting the cord or a bit of curiosity about the process. Hopefully we’ve helped you see not only how easy it is to cut the cord, but how much of a benefit it can be to you.


Get in touch with Cable Alternatives today to get started saving! Call us at 763-571-1037 to begin saving on entertainment.