Cutting the cable cord is the first step to saving money and breaking free of the costly monthly cable subscription. The next step of the process is finding an alternative form of watching your favorite movies and television shows. One of the most popular alternatives to cable is a smart TV.

What is a Smart TV?

Smart TVs allow you to gain access to streaming services and applications without another device, such as an Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, or game console. With a smart TV, you can watch popular shows and movies at just the touch of a button.


As long as you’re able to connect your smart TV to a Wi-Fi network, you’ll be able to experience its benefits and features. Depending on your TV’s abilities, you may be able to download new apps that provide you even more access to entertainment. Each app or streaming service will require a subscription and monthly payment.

What Are the Benefits of a Smart TV?

One of the main benefits of smart TVs is the wide range of entertainment options available. From YouTube to Hulu, there are plenty of apps you can add to your TV’s platform. After downloading and subscribing to a service, you can enjoy their entertainment selections for as long as you want.


Another benefit of smart TVs is their affordability. After purchasing your smart TV, the only form of payment you’ll have to make is a small fee for whatever service you decide to subscribe to. No matter the service you choose, your monthly fee will be significantly lower than your cable bill.


Finally, with a smart TV, you’ll have access to hundreds of shows, documentaries, and movies. You won’t have to worry about catching a showing at a certain time, as you do with cable. Rather, you can select your show or movie and watch it whenever you’re ready. If you find yourself missing the benefits of cable, you can always subscribe to a live TV option from one of your streaming services.

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