The new year marks a time for beginnings: new goals, a new schedule, and new budget plans! This year, you can save money every month by cutting your cable cord and switching to an alternative method of watching your favorite movies and TV shows. There are several reasons why the new year serves as an excellent time to get out of your cable subscription.


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●        Flexible Viewing Time

Every member of your family probably has their own preferences of shows or movies they need to watch. With a cable subscription, it can be difficult for everyone in the house to catch their favorite showings. With a streaming service, you can plan a time that works for you to watch your favorite shows!


Because streaming services allow you to watch a wide selection of shows on-demand, you won’t have to worry about reserving the TV during a certain time slot or fighting over the remote. Say goodbye to limiting cable schedule in 2021! Cut the cord and start enjoying your shows when you want.


●        Versatile and Customizable

Cable only provides you with movies and shows that are currently available. With a streaming service, there is a wide variety of genres to choose from. Whether you want to watch a horror film or a documentary, simply search the genre on your service and choose a show or movie from the wide selection. The streaming service algorithm also starts to offer you suggestions based on what you watched in the past, making this option a highly customizable experience!


This year, don’t let cable limit your viewing capabilities. Switch to a streaming service and gain control of your viewing experience!


●        Save Money

Set your eyes on that vacation or object you want to save money for because once you cut the cord, you can expect to have some extra money in your pocket every month! The new year serves as the perfect time to start saving money for what you really want — and you can start by cutting that cable cord!


●        Options on Options

You may be hesitant to cut the cord because you think you’ll be stuck with only one or two alternative options. Think again! From digital antennas to smart TVs there are plenty of ways you can save money and catch your favorite shows. The team at Cable Alternatives can help you break down your options so you have a clear understanding of which alternative is best for your unique needs.


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