Ready to stop paying that outrageous cable bill and finally cut the cord once and for all? Then you’re in luck! There’s never been a better time in the history of television than right now to find quality and affordable alternatives to cable TV. As cable subscription costs continue to skyrocket with hidden fees and taxes, knowing what TV streaming resources are out there can help you finally find the channels you love at a price you love even more.


So whether you’re looking to load your Smart TV with the latest shows or interested in finding out how to catch up on sports with your mobile device, we’ve compiled a list of eight of the best TV streaming apps, breaking down which options are best suited for you!

Best All Around TV Streaming Apps

If you’re a viewer who enjoys a little bit of everything, these are the TV streaming apps that tend to offer the most variety:

1. YouTube TV

Cost: Starts at $64.99 per month, featuring 100+ channels.


Pros: Unlimited cloud DVR storage to record and save your favorite shows, wide variety of popular channels, no annual contract, can use up to 6 accounts per household. Includes a 7-day free trial so you can decide if its right for you.


Cons: Not available in certain places of the U.S., access to certain subscription channels requires additional costs.


Bottom Line: From video upload tycoon to cable streaming enterprise, YouTube TV delivers a quality amount of variety for households interested in watching a multitude of live television programming. The basic subscription plan includes all your local networks, in addition to sports league networks and dozens of popular channels ranging from Comedy Central, to MTV, to AMC.


You can add-on popular movie channels such as HBO, Showtime, or Starz at additional costs, as well as choose from a variety of sports add-on packages too. Overall, YouTube TV seems to appeal to everyone, from avid sport fans, to cinema lovers, to anyone in dire need of catching up on their soaps.

2. Hulu Live

Cost: Starts at $69.99 per month for 65+ channels with ads and ESPN+.


Pros: Quality variety in programming, first month free trial, access to Hulu’s entire on-demand streaming content. Several add-ons are available for sports, entertainment, and unlimited screens.


Cons: Slightly less available channels in basic package as competitors, not unlimited DVR space (50 hours maximum). Even the ad-free plan still has ads for some on-demand content and live TV.


Bottom Line: Hulu Live gives viewers the best of both worlds when it comes to live television streaming and on-demand content access. It also has an excellent bundle deal for combining Hulu Live with Disney+ and ESPN+ for only an additional $6 per month.


You’ll get access to a wide variety of the usual suspects when it comes to popular channels, such as Bravo, Discovery, History, Cartoon Network, and many more. If you’re already using Hulu, or you’re a fan of similar streaming applications, then Hulu Live is an easy and accessible upgrade.

3. DirecTV Stream

Cost: Starts at $69.99 per month for 75+ channels. Additional plans are available for a higher price point.


Pros: Unlimited devices and unlimited cloud storage on the basic plan. One of the best streaming services for regional sports. Includes local channels.


Cons: Some of the most expensive streaming service options. The cheapest package that allows for sports is $90. Can only have one user profile.


Bottom Line: DirecTV Stream has many qualities, such as a large library and options for different packages, but the price point is much higher than some of the other streaming options. Customers may be able to find a cheaper option for live TV that suits their needs without excess channels that they won’t watch.

More Affordable Live TV Streaming Options

If you’re interested in packages that won’t put a hole in your pocket, consider these more budget-friendly TV streaming options:

4. Sling TV

Cost: Starts at $40 per month for 30+ channels


Pros: Less expensive as YouTube TV and Hulu Live, more options for customizable subscription plans, solid selection of popular cable channels.


Cons: Different packages means different channels, minimal local programming options, less DVR recording capacity than competitors.


Bottom Line: Less than half the price of YouTube TV or Hulu Live, Sling TV is an affordable live television streaming option, featuring many of your favorite channels. Sling TV tends to appeal to more casual television watchers; those who like to catch up on news when they can, or have a few favorite shows spread out through different networks they like to stay up-to-date on.


Basic packages are split into two options: Sling Blue and Sling Orange. Both options overlap most of the channels available, however, Sling Orange features ESPN networks while Sling Blue features Fox programming.


Overall, Sling TV doesn’t boast the streaming variety that the aforementioned options do, but suits well given its starting price.

5. fuboTV

Cost: Starts at $69.99 per month for 133 channels.


Pros: Tons of variety, 250-1,000 hours of DVR space, add-on extra programming and packages available.


Cons: No access to Turner Networks (TBS, TNT, CNN), add-on options can become expensive very quickly.


Bottom Line: fuboTV has grown to become one of the more outstanding television streaming options in terms of sheer variety.


They offer three subscription plans to start off with, which includes the Family plan ($64.99/month) available with 114 channels, the Elite plan ($79.99/month) available with 160 channels, and a Latino Quarterly plan ($24.99/month) featuring 32 Spanish-language programming channels.


Avid TV watchers might be inclined to give fuboTV a try, especially sport fans, as you can access essentially all sports networks including the ESPN networks and the NFL, MLB, and NBA Networks. If you spend plenty of time watching television, the abundance of variety is definitely worth the bang for your buck.


Cost: Starts at $25 per month for 60+ channels.


Pros: Very inexpensive, decent selection of channels, one week free trial period.


Cons: Overall lacking in variety, no local programming, minimal sports options.


Bottom Line: Philo is the least expensive option of all the major live television streaming apps, so if your budget is tight, this might be the best choice for you. While you get access to dozens of popular channels such as A&E, HGTV, Food Network, Nickelodeon, Lifetime, TLC, and more, obviously paying less equates to less overall channel options than what competitors offer.


Sport fans and local television viewers will probably want to avoid Philo, however, there are add-on extra features available for movie fans, such as adding EPIX for $6/month or Starz for $9/month.

Cut the Cord With Cable Alternatives

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