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Digital TV Antenna Installation

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Cut the Cord with an HDTV Antenna

When you’re looking to eliminate your cable bill, an over-the-air antenna is a must-have for clear high-definition picture without the monthly cost of a service. To cut the cord and get a clear picture, it’s also important to have your digital TV antenna professionally installed.

Whether as your primary source of entertainment or in addition to a streaming service, an antenna is a great way to get basic channels for free. Unlike the rabbit ear antennas of the past, a digital TV antenna can provide you with reliable access to high quality broadcast television channels. But it’s also not as easy as plugging in a device and moving it around to catch the signal.

At Cable Alternatives, we evaluate your space and your needs to find the best possible solution. Sometimes your best bet for the highest quality picture is a roof installation. In other spaces and for a more discrete option, an antenna can be placed in the attic away from view. For some people the concern isn’t inside versus outside installation, but installation in a rural area – we do that too! Even whole apartment buildings can receive over-the-air signal from a master antenna on the roof.

Types of Digital TV Antenna Installation We Offer:

  • Roof Installation
  • Attic Installation
  • Master Antenna Installation
  • Tower Installation

Roof Installations
Digital TV Antenna Installation Minneapolis, MinnesottaA roof antenna installation is no small task for the average homeowner! Getting the best results requires expertise and experience placing antennas as well as navigating roofs. That’s just one of the many reasons it’s best to have your digital TV antenna installed by a professional such as Cable Alternatives.

Installing a digital antenna on the roof is our most popular and reliable option. A roof antenna is smaller and has a lower profile than a satellite dish, not to mention we can provide a signal guarantee – something a satellite company won’t do. Digital signal reception from your roof or through any properly installed high quality digital TV antenna will provide you with clear picture, even in bad weather!

Attic Installation
Don't see an antenna here? That's the idea. Whether you just don’t want your antenna to show on the roof of your home, or you have a homeowners association that will not allow one to show, an attic installation is a great way to get an over-the-air signal. As with any digital TV antenna installation, it’s best to work with a professional who has experience installing the necessary equipment. Even with attic installations, in most cases we’re able to offer our signal guarantee! Hide your antenna away but still get the channels you want and cut the cord!

Master Antenna Installation
Master Antenna Installation Minneapolis, MinnesotaClear digital TV access in an apartment or condo is a serious perk. Whether you’re a tenant looking to get the basic broadcast channels in your unit, or a landlord wanting to provide TV to an entire building, a master antenna can do it! Distributing a digital TV signal to an entire building is as simple as having a master antenna professionally installed on the building’s roof. To learn more about installing a master antenna for your building, contact us today!

Tower Installations
Tower Antenna Installation Minneapolis, MinnesotaIf you enjoy living in a rural area but also want to give your cable company the boot, a digital antenna tower can make it happen! Our outstate customers enjoy the same freedom from a monthly TV bill even outside of the Twin Cities metro. Our tower antennas have worked for customers as far away as Sartell, MN. To get broadcast channels in your rural home, contact us today to learn more about an installation.

A small investment now can relieve you of that monthly cable bill for the long haul. If you’re thinking of installing a digital TV antenna, working with a professional will ensure you get it right the first time. Cable Alternatives will help you by finding and installing the right equipment for a guaranteed signal! Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

We can make the cutting simple!

We know it may be a tough decision to get rid of cable and to make the switch, but we’re here to make it simple for you as a Cord Cutter! If you want to spend less for television and want a cable free lifestyle, then look no further than Cable Alternatives.

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