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Cut the Cord with a DVR Digital Set Top Box

You may be accustomed to certain features of cable or satellite such as recording shows on a Digital Video Recorder, but you’re ready to drop the costly bill. One of the most common misconceptions about cutting cable is that you can no longer enjoy the benefits of a DVR, but it simply isn’t true! There are some great options for recording live TV without involving your cable company anymore.

Never home when your favorite show is on? A DVR allows you to set times to record your favorite programs when they’re on, so you can watch them later at your convenience. You can even pause, rewind, or fast forward the recordings just like you did in the days of VHS.

DVR Without Cable
The new DVR systems are quite impressive and can still be a great tool when you cut the cord! However, to use a DVR device for recording without cable, it is best paired with a digital TV antenna. This way you’ll have crystal clear picture and access to the major network channels as well as local channels. The best part is, there’s no cost for an over-the-air signal beyond installation and equipment.

Digital TV Box With DVR
If you have an older TV, it likely requires a digital converter box to be compatible with newer technology such as the digital antenna, but you can still enjoy a DVR. We simply install a converter to make your analog television’s tuner capable of receiving the digital signal of an antenna. In this case, you can use a converter box that also contains a DVR!

DVRs We Sell
There are two different kinds of DVR devices that we recommend: the TiVo Roamio OTA DVR or the Channel Master DVR+. When you buy one directly from us as a part of your alternatives solution, we can install them along with your digital TV antenna.

TiVo Roamio OTA DVR
Tivo Minneapolis, Minnesota
This is an impressive and comprehensive option when it comes to a versatile, multifaceted DVR – best part is, no monthly fee! Record up to four shows at once with this DVR and store recordings on its 1TB built-in harddrive. The award winning TiVo interface allows you to use multiple TVs in different rooms at the same time. It is also streaming capable, so you can watch Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon all on one integrated system. Skipping commercials is as easy as the push of a button with SkipMode – you don’t even have to fast forward! This DVR also boasts QuickMode, which allows you to speed up your recorded or buffering program, without losing audio quality. For an all-in-one solution to eliminating cable but maintaining recording ability, it's hard to beat Tivo’s Roamio OTA DVR.

Channel Master DVR+
Channel Master Minneapolis, Minnesota
This DVR option from Channel Master offers an on-screen channel guide and many streaming options. The DVR boasts a remarkably thin design so it won’t clutter up your entertainment center with an extra bulky item. It allows you to pause, rewind, and record live TV that comes over-the-air from your digital antenna – all the while, skipping the monthly cable bill. Whether you have a new TV or an old one, we can help you determine if a DVR is a good choice as a part of your cord cutting solution. Once we’ve narrowed it down, we’ll also help you install it! You’re just a few decisions away from dumping your cable company and their big monthly bill. Contact us today to get started!

We can make the cutting simple!

We know it may be a tough decision to get rid of cable and to make the switch, but we’re here to make it simple for you as a Cord Cutter! If you want to spend less for television and want a cable free lifestyle, then look no further than Cable Alternatives.

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